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L02 Series Host Modules 12DI/12DO Programmable Logic Sermo Motor Controller

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Coolmay L02 Series Host Modules 12DI/12DO Programmable Logic Sermo Motor Controller with Ethernet Port

Origin: CN(Origin)

Model Number: L02M24

Is Smart Device: No

Certification: CE

Brand Name: Coolmay

Application: Grinder

L02 Series 12DI/12DO Programmable Logic Controller

Simple operation, Flexible, Cost-effective

Coolmay L02 series PLC is a high-function general-purpose controller specially designed for automation equipment.

  • L02 series modules can be expanded up to 31 units.

  • Powerful positioning control function, can support up to 8 axis high-speed pulse control at the same time, suitable for various automation equipment, such as electronic manufacturing, labeling, foodpackaging, textile equipment and other industry equipment.

  • The L02 series host has a built-in communication network and communicates with the Ethernet/IPindustrial network to realize high-speed data transmission.

  • Dial switch to set up IP, quickly build a network environment, built-in multiple sets of industry-specificfunctional modules, convenient for customer applications, and can set multiple password protectionto improve system security.

  • The snap-in buckle design allows the module to be replaced "straight up/down" for easy installation.

  • The appearance is simple and neat, the dark gray case is anti-fouling and anti-dirty, suitable for harshindustrial environments, and has the characteristics of recyclability, low pollution, and lead-free.Itcomplies with international environmental protection regulations and the concept of resource reuse.

Product Structure

Hardware Interface

Snap-in installation

Push back into the buckle between the groups, directly push the module in,and when you hear a "click", the module is installed.


Wiring - NPN Input

Wiring - PNP Input


Care Instructions