Collection: CX3G PLC Controller

Programmable logic controller is a kind of digital operation electronic system specially designed for application in industrial environment. It uses a programmable memory to store and execute logic operations, sequence control, timing, counting and arithmetic operations and other operating instructions in its internals, and then use digital or analog input and output to control various types of mechanical equipment or production process.

Integrated PLC with digital I/O (Dl/DO), analog I/O (AD/DA), high speed functions, etc..


Compatible with FX3G/FX3U/FX3S PLC, fast operation.

Up to 40DI/40DO,16AD/8DA.

Default 1 Mini type B USB port,1RS232 (Interface terminal is mouse female port with 8 holes), 2 RS485 ports. Supports optional RS232 communication port, and supports Mitsubishi PLC programming protocol, serial port protocol and Modbus protocol. Supports CAN.

Some models support Ethernet port. Supports multiple HMl and VFD communication.

Supports multi-channel high speed count and pulse functions. 

32,000-step program capacity and 32,000 power retentive registers. Supports interruption, linear arc interpolation and PID self-tuning.

Supports special encryption. HMl and PLC can be encrypted respectively. Set PLC password as 12345678 can prohibit reading program completely. (Note: PLC only supports 8-bit password.)

Combined with Coolmay network modules can realize remotely control.