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Free Shipping SCR Dimmer Portable Speed Temperature Light Voltage Adjustable Regulator AC220V 4000W Compact Voltage Controller

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Free Shipping SCR Dimmer Portable Speed Temperature Light Voltage Adjustable Regulator AC220V 4000W Compact Voltage Controller


Origin: Mainland China

Model Number: SNT-4000W

Phase: single

is_customized: Yes

Certification: CE

Coil Number: Autotransformer

Coil Structure: Toroidal

Usage: electronic

Model Name: SCR electronic voltage regulator

Product model:: SNDY-4000W

Materia: aluminum

Input voltage:: AC220V

Output voltage:: 0-220V

Limit power:: 4000W

Rated current: 9A

Max current: 18A

Main machine size:: 115 * 100 115* 83mm / 4.53 * 3.94 * 3.27in


Portable Speed Temperature Light Voltage Adjustable Dimmer AC 220V 4000W Compact Variable Voltage Controller Adjust Regulator

Adjustable equipment includes:

Electric machinery: fan, exhaust fan, ceiling fan, snail fan, and other fan without capacitor

Heating : electric wire, electric fan, hot kettle, electric pot, heating rod, etc

Dimming : hook silk lamp

Electric power tools: angle grinder, electric screwdriver, hand drill, saw, etc

Non-adjustable devices include:

Single phase motor, washing machine motor, double value capacitor motor,asynchronous motor, water pump, negative pressure fan.water pump,lathe motor

None of the above centrifugal fans are supported.

Product name:

SCR electronic voltage regulator

Product model:SNDY-4000W
Material: aluminum
Color: black
Input voltage: AC220V

Output voltage:0-220V adjustable (Voltmeter does not work when the output voltage is lower than 5V)

Limit power:

4000W (adapt to 2000W resistive load)

Pressure regulating range:

0-220V adjustable (under load conditions) step-down to OV, step-up 10V from 9A

Rated current: 9A
Max current: 18A

Main machine size: 115 * 100 * 83mm / 4.53 * 3.94 * 3.27in
Item weight: 459g / 1.01lb
Package size: 180 * 100 * 115mm / 7.09 * 3.94 * 4.53in
Package weight: 522g / 1.15lb

Product Features:

--Mini size, portable and lightweight, strong power, easy to use.

--High power SCR voltage regulator, stepless regulation, help adjust speed, temperature, voltage and light.

--Adopt high-temperature resistant FR-4 circuit board, origin imported chip SCR, full aluminum thermal fin, precisions resistance with high voltage condenser.

--No postpone and no delay, with crest voltage absorb circuit, can protect the high power SCR effectively.

--Anti surge, anti-spike, RC absorb and multiple protection.

--Flame retardant insulation outshell, high temperature resistant, rustproof, anti high pressure and with fine durability.

--Adopt multi functional industrial sockets, thicken copper part design, with fine contact and safety.

--Humanized installation hole design, keep flat place or hanging on it is decided by yourself.

--Silent work, energy saving, stable anti-noise, and with wide range of use.

--Suitable for water heater, tungsten lamp, small motor, electric iron and etc..

--Executive standard:GB14536.1-2008


User Attention

Precautions and instructions for use

1. When the machine is empty, the measured output voltage is a virtual voltage, and a load above 20W must be connected to measure the correct output voltage.

2.When AC is input, the output is also AC, not DC.

3. The 4000W mentioned above refers to the limit power when working in a resistive load. The inductive load is 1/3 of the resistive load. The resistive load refers to the tungsten filament lamp, heating wire, etc., and the inductive load refers to the series motor. And so on, there are circuit board electronic products used with caution. 4. The metal shell of this product must be safely grounded

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