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CM-4TM Multi-channels temperature control module

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Coolmay CM-4TM  Multi-channels temperature control module

Working condition: -10~50C

Supply voltage: 24VDC

Sampling period: 100ms

Net weight: About 135~152g

Motor Type: Stepper Motor

Model Number: CM-4TMS

Maximum input current: 200mA

Installation: DIN-Rail

Input type: Thermocouple etc

Dimension: 90.0*64.0*32.5mm

Connection method: Pluggable terminal

Communication protocol: RS485 MODBUS-RTU

Coolmay CM-4TMS  Multi-channels temperature control module


Model:  CM-4TMS  (SSR control output :22VDC ±3V Max.30mA)    More popular.


Coolmay Multi-channels control module (CM-4TM) is 4 Channels PID Independent chip operated 16 bit isolated high-accuracy temperature control module.



1, 4 Channels PID independent chip running 

2, 4 Channels 16 bits isolated high accuracy  temperature control module

3, Temperature accuracy: 0.01C

4, Support variety of 4 channels thermocouple or thermal resistant

5, 4 SSR or Relay output ( Mix is ok)

6, 2 RS485 communication protocol 


Channels: 4 channels


Normally, the CM-4TM needs to equip 1 pc USB to RS485 cable.


CM-4TM Temperature controller module achieves high-speed sampling (100ms), side connection can expand up to 31 modules, and doesn't require additional power supply and communication lines, and communicates with PC through RS485.

In addition, various convenient and concise functions are available to achieve accurate temperature control.


* Up to 124 simultaneous controls 


* Insulation strength per channel- Dielectric strength 1000VAC


* Up to 31 modules (124 channels /62 channels) are connected, and the used expansion modules don't require additional communication and power supply.


* High-speed sampling period (TM4:100ms)


* Heating/cooling control at the same time


* Monitor heater status with current transformer (CT)


* Communication with PC (Modbus RTU) via RS485:


*Wiring and maintenance of connector wiring: Sensor input interface, control output interface, power supply/communication connector


* Multi-channel input/multiple range



Detailed interface of the Port,

CM-4TM Multi-channels temperature control module CM-4TM Multi-channels temperature control module


Care Instructions