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FX3GC-16MT compatible GX Developer programmable logic controller

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compatible GX Developer FX3GC programmable logic controller

Software: Compatible with GX WORKS 2 / GX Developer8.86

Series: FX3GC

Product name: Programmable Logic Controller

Place of Origin: Guangdong,China

Packing: Carton

Motor Type: AC Motor

Model Number: FX3GC-16MT-2AD-1V1A4-485/485

Model: FX3GC-16MT-2AD-1V1A4-485/485

Digital I/O (max): 8DI/8DO

Certification: CE

Certificate: CE

Brand Name: Coolmay

Brand: Coolmay

compatible GX Developer FX3GC programmable logic controller


(1)Model: FX3GC-16MT-2AD-1V1A4-485/485

8DI 8DO, transistor outputs

2AO: 1*0-10V, 1*4-20mA

without analog output

(2) 1 set of cables is free of charge. Please order in our store for additional cables.

The FX3GC series is a compactPLC with thefollowingfeatures:

1.Highlyintegrated. Digital at most 16DI/16DO(digital type can be customized transistor, relay or mixed) Analog at most8Al 6AO.input can be customized temperature. current. vo tage or mixed support-5~5V -10V~10V),outputcan be customized currentand voltage.

2.Comes with two PLCprogramming ports:MiniB USB port (fasterdownload speed)and RS232 port.

3.Supportmulti-channelhigh-speed counting and high-speed pulse functions.High-speed counting

normallysingle-phase 660KHz,orAB(Z) phase 2 60KHz+AB phase 110KHz.High-speed pulse is normally8 channels.Y0-Y3is100KHz.Y4-Y7is 10KHz. Acceleration and dece eration are independent; the totalof high-speed counting+high-speed pulse cannot exceed 480KHz.

4. Support special encryption. Setting the password to 12345678 can completely prohibit reading programs[Note: Only 8-bit password encryption is supported

5. Convenient wiring,using 3.5mm pitch pluggable terminals.


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