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Japan Brushless Duct Fan NdFeB Strong Magnetic DC 110V Ultra-high Speed 100000 RPM 150W

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Japan Brushless Duct Fan NdFeB Strong Magnetic DC 110V Ultra-high Speed 100000 RPM 150W

Brand Name: HYSMOTOR

Certification: ROHS

Origin: Mainland China

Output Power: 150w

Commutation: Brush

Type: Micro Motor

Protect Feature: Drip-proof

Construction: Permanent Magnet

Usage: BoAt

Usage: car

Usage: Electric Bicycle

Usage: Fan

Usage: Home Appliance

Efficiency: IE 1

Model Number: 150w dc110v 100000RPM Motor

       The new and unused Japanese (Nidec) DC brushless bypass fan in stock is the motor used for high-end DC variable-frequency brushless electric blower, with ultra-high speed of 100000 rpm, high-precision aluminum alloy fan blades precisely processed by CNC, and the inner rotor of NdFeB high-strength magnet, which is miniature but high-power 150W.

There are several important points to make clear:

1. This batch of motors should be DC110V three-phase inner rotor brushless motors. It needs to be equipped with a brushless motor drive plate to operate. It is suitable for 110V drive plate, but not for 220V drive plate.

2. Since the drive plate of each manufacturer is different, we cannot guarantee that it will fit the drive plate of your brushless hair dryer. Please understand.

3. This batch of brushless duct fans are brand new and in bulk, and there are inevitably slight friction marks on the appearance. Please be careful with those who require perfect appearance.

       The precision and exquisite high-speed ducted brushless fan can't be put down in hand. It is a big brand and has a reasonable and solid structure design. I remember that some domestic fans are almost reinforced by glue. The high speed of more than 100000 rpm will definitely produce high temperature. The stability of glue under high temperature will inevitably cause people to worry. The high-speed ducted fan in Nidec, Japan, can hardly see the traces of glue, All of them are fixed by the precise matching of precision components, and the appearance is beautiful. We don't know the technology, and can't test the motor from the use parameters of the motor performance. Just from the appearance, the high-speed brushless duct fan in Japan (Nidec) is really far better than the ordinary domestic products of the same kind.

Outer diameter of fan: 29.1 MM

Outer diameter of motor: 18.5 MM

Total length of fan: 50.3 MM

Phase resistance: about 8.1 Ω

Fan weight: about 67g

Rated voltage: DC110V (additional brushless driver is required)

Fan speed: 100000 RPM

Fan power: 150 W

We don't have the original drive plate to drive the fan, so we can only use the DC24V aircraft model electric regulator to test the machine. The maximum speed at DC24V has exceeded 20000 rpm, and the sound is quiet. So the speed at DC120V is more than 100000 rpm. During the test run, please note that the wind should blow to the back and to the body of the motor. This is the correct direction of operation. This is the design of this type of fan.

It is rare to buy the high-speed ductless blower of the big brand Nidec this time. The DC variable frequency hair dryer that dares to use such a good blower must also be the hair dryer of the big brand in the first line, but the specific model is not clear for the time being.

Remind me again that this batch of Nidec high-speed culvert fans in Japan are brand new and unused, but they are in bulk. Most of the fans are of good quality, but there will inevitably be friction marks on the appearance. Please be careful with those who require perfect appearance.

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