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Italy Electromagnetic Pump AC 220V-240V Plunger Pump 57W Coffee Cleaning Machine Water Pomp 15 Bar 50/60Hz'

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Italy Electromagnetic Pump AC 220V-240V Plunger Pump 57W Coffee Cleaning Machine Water Pomp 15 Bar 50/60Hz'

Brand Name: HYSMOTOR

Structure: Piston Pump

Power: Electric

Fuel: Electric

Origin: CHINA

Pressure: High Pressure

Usage: Water

Application: Cryogenic

Theory: Centrifugal Pump

Product name: Solenoid pumps;

Type: electromagnetic pump/self priming pump/vibration pump;

Rated voltage: AC230V 50HZ (mains)

Working mode: 1/1.5 min (intermittent: working for 1 minute, stopping for 1.5 minutes)

Maximum pressure: 15.00 Bar

(High pressure, ground coffee is more fragrant and delicate!)

Maximum flow rate: 450.00 (cc/min) or 15.21 (oz/min);

Medium: Water

Temperature: 35 degrees

Noise: < 50dB;

Main applications: cleaning/disinfection machines/espresso machines, etc;

Weight: 312 grams

The parameters of this pump are close to the EP4 model of ULKA pump. The flow rate of ULKA electromagnetic pump EP4 is smaller than that of EP5, but the pressure is higher. The flow rate of EP5 is 650CC/min, but the pressure is lower. They each have their own strengths. Please pay attention to them to avoid being unsuitable for personal use after purchase.

The brand new Italian original imported electromagnetic pump, plunger pump, is characterized by high pressure, small flow rate, and self suction. Its power reaches 57W, and its pressure can reach 15 bar. The flow rate is not large, and it is estimated to be around 450 CC/min. Its parameters are close to those of the previous Italian ULKA electromagnetic pump EP4. However, the weight of the previous EP4 pump reached 450 grams, while the weight of this pump was only 312 grams. It was powered on for testing, I feel that the heat output of this pump is slightly smaller than the previous EP4 pump. As for the reason behind it, we can't say. It is estimated that this pump is a relatively recent product, and there has been progress in technology. (Just a wild guess, not yet verified)

This batch of pumps is a brand new original, one of which is 30PCS. However, there may be slight imperfections in the appearance of the motors in stock, just like the famous ULKA magnetic pump in the past. The appearance of the original parts may also be imperfect. Please take photos with caution if you require perfect appearance.

It is a world-renowned professional manufacturer of electromagnetic pumps, widely used in various small household appliances such as coffee machines, steam irons, steam cleaning machines, as well as industrial machinery products such as medical equipment, vending machines, building heating and cooling coefficients, pump stations, stage smoke machines, etc. Its products have the characteristics of accurate flow rate, stable water output, fast heat dissipation, and high pressure.

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