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IP67 electronic plastic box project box for outdoor ABS electrical projects Electronic enclosure outdoor waterproof box

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Introducing the IP67 Electronic Plastic Box


Origin: Mainland China

Function: waterproof

Model Number: 65*50*55/95*65*55/110*80*50/250*80*70

Material: ABS

Certification: 3C

Certification: CE

IP Grade: IP67

Features: Junction Box

Features 1: Connection Box

Features 2: Electrical Enclosure

Features 3: Wiring Connection Box

Features 4: Terminal Box

S Size: 110x80*85

M Size: 130x80x85

L Size: 250x150x100

XL Size: 200x200x100

Product introduction:
Made of high-quality plastic, excellent performance, no corrosion, antistatic, insulation, waterproof, moisture-proof, mainly suitable for indoor and outdoor cast steel, petrochemical, electronics, power, railway, construction site, mining, quarry, airport, hotel , Ships, large factories, coastal factories, terminal equipment, wastewater treatment, environmental risks, etc.
Made of high-quality plastic, high hardness and durable.
It comes with screws for easy assembly.
Has good performance, non-corrosive, anti-static, insulation resistance, waterproof and moisture-proof.
Indoor and outdoor use, suitable for all types of control boxes, cabinets, power distribution instrument boxes, electronics enclosures, etc.
Junction box with concealed underground distribution box switch.
It is widely used in electronic projects to protect water energy and accidentally touch water.
Lamp holders and different screens can make the colors of items in the image slightly different from the real colors. The allowable measurement error is +/- 1-3 cm.
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1 box

Discover the IP67 electronic plastic box, designed from high-quality ABS plastic, this waterproof enclosure is perfect for securing your electronics when engaging in outdoor activities or conducting electrical projects. It safeguards your electronic components from dust, water and external damages.

Here's why you should choose the IP67 electronic plastic box. Not only is it a sturdy and cost-effective solution, but it's also easy to handle and install, courtesy of its lightweight ABS plastic construction. Rest assured, with an ingress protection rating of IP67, it provides superior waterproof and dustproof attributes to ensure the safety of your electronics.

So, don't compromise on the protection of your outdoor electrical projects. Give your electronics the best possible shield with our IP67 electronic plastic box and focus on your project with peace of mind.

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