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FLUKE 101/101 KIT Handheld Digital Multimeter Professional Tester Multimeter

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FLUKE 101/101 KIT Handheld Digital Multimeter Professional Tester Multimeter Professional Digital Multimeter With Test Leads

Operating Temperature: 0 - 40 ℃

Operating Mode: AUTO

Model Number: F101/F101KIT

Measuring Resistance Range: 40M

Measuring Inductance Range: /

Measuring Capacitance Range: 100u

Is Smart Device: NO

Display Type: Digital display

Dimensions: 130* 65* 27mm


DC Voltage: 600.0 V

DC Current: /

Certification: CE

Brand Name: FLUKE

AC Voltage: 600V

Fluke 101/101Kit Digital Multimeters

Main features

The appearance is novel, the size is small, the grip is comfortable, and the weight is only 160g, which can be easily put into a pocket or carried easily

Auto power saving mode

Automatic range test, test is more convenient and faster; at the same time, the number of wave plate rotations is reduced, and the life of the instrument is prolonged

Data hold function for easier reading of measurement results

Meet the IEC61010-1 CATIII 600V safety level standard, users can test a wider range of occasions and test ranges, and the test is more secure, which not only protects the user's investment, but also ensures the safety of personnel and instruments.

Fluke SmartStrap™ smart magnetic multi-purpose strap (Fluke101kit is standard, Fluke-101 is optional)has a unique and novel design, which can be used for adsorption, suspension, support and use, making it easier to carry the instrument and perform tests.


Care Instructions