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EARU- DC 6.5-100V 0-100A 0-20A LCD Display Digital Multimeter with Current Shunt

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EARU- DC 6.5-100V 0-100A 0-20A LCD Display Digital Current Voltage Power Energy Meter Multimeter

Ammeter Voltmeter 100A Current Shunt

Dimensions: 89.6*49.6*24.4mm(L*W*H)
Display Type: Digital Only
Operating Temperature: -10-60 degree
Power Supply: DC
Accuracy Class: 1.0
Working voltage: 6.5 ~ 100VDC
Test voltage: 6.5 ~ 100VDC
Rated power: 100A/10000W
Measurement accuracy: 1.0
Power: Test range 0~10kW;1kW display format within 0.0~999.9W;
Energy: Test range 0~9999kWh;display format 0~9999Wh;display format 10~9999kW
Feature: Large-screen LCD screen full display function
measurement function: voltage, current, power, energy
Backlight: Blue
Package Listing: Due to what you choose
Measuring Range: 6.5 ~ 100VDC
Note1: 100A with SHUNT, 20A is without SHUNT

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