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DC Micro Linear Actuator 12V 188N Telescopic Rod 17mm 30mm 50mm 75mm100mm Electric Lineal Actuador Motor 12 V Remote Controller

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DC Micro Linear Actuator 12V 188N Telescopic Rod 17mm 30mm 50mm 75mm100mm Electric Lineal Actuador Motor 12 V Remote Controller

Brand Name: HYSMOTOR

Certification: CCC

Certification: ROHS

Origin: Mainland China

Commutation: Brush

Type: Gear Motor

Protect Feature: Drip-proof

Construction: Permanent Magnet

Usage: BoAt

Usage: car

Usage: Electric Bicycle

Usage: Fan

Usage: Home Appliance

Efficiency: IE 1

Model Number: Linear Actuator

Torque: 20N

Note:Pls contact me if you do not know the wiring method
1) This product is a wireless transmission signal, non-directional, can pass through the wall
2)Working voltage : DC 12V/24V
3) Working frequency: 433MHz-315MHZ
4) Remote control distance: open space without interference load test 100 meters (radio products practical application vary depending on the environment from the remote control, the gap is very large, which have strict requirements careful to buy!)
5) Load types: for electric burglar alarm, remote control electric windows, signal control, industrial control, motor reversing, lifting equipment and other control circuitry. Remote control switch module relay contact Independent output, Very suitable for direct control of various types of load
6) Receiving sensitivity:> - 105dB
7)The relay contact capacity: 10A 250VAC | 10A 30VDC
8) Control mode: Work mode: M4 (Jog: Press grimdeath outputs, let go to stop output), L4 (interlock: Road at the same time there can be only one output), T4 (self-locking: Road mutual independent output, independently of each other, click the output and click stops output)
Tips: Remote control buttons Press only one button can not hold down two or more keys simultaneously, otherwise it will affect the normal work interfere with each other.
9) Output: relay common / normally open / normally closed (flexible application can control a variety of load voltage)
10) Encoding: fixed code (welding yards) motherboard and pin remote control codes need to correspond to the state are: high, low, left floating.
11) Configure Explanation: Remote Control +  Receiver  + shell (1set)
Gear Box: All Metal
Inner Tube: Stainless Steel
Housing Material: ABS and Aluminum
Limit switches: Built-in; Non-adjustable
Operational Temperature: +5ºC ~ +50ºC
Protection class: IP54
Noise: db<55
Duty Cycle: 10%
Input Voltage: 12V DC
Speed: 5mm/s  7mm/s  9.5mm/s 15mm/s 30mm/s  50mm/s 150mm/s
Force: 6.4n 19.2n  32n  64n  96n 128n 188n
Stroke: 10mm/21mm/30mm/50mm /100mm(pls contact me if you need stroke 10mm,Can be replace)
Whatever your design needs are, the micro linear actuator is streamlined for the perfect fit.
Small electric linear actuators are convenient for creating customized automation in homes, offices, vehicles, yachts, RV’s, aircraft, robotics, VR experience simulators, RC/radio control vehicles, multi-copter drones, as well as artistic installations, medical applications and more.
The actuators emit a low noise volume so it won’t distract from the overall effect of your design. Rated IP65 so you can install it in a wide variety of environments without worry about damage from water or dust. Built-in limit switches with stall protection makes it easy to install and set up instantly.

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