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Battery Equalizer HA02 Batteries Voltage Balance Lead Acid Battery Connected In Parallel Series for 24/36/48V

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Battery Equalizer HA02 Batteries Voltage Balance  Lead Acid Battery Connected In Parallel Series for 24/36/48V

Origin: Mainland China

Model Number: HA02

Certification: CE

Battery nominal voltage: 4*(2.4V/3.6V/6V/9V/12V)

Optimizing current: 0-10A

Quiescent current: 5mA(12V) 1.2mA(2.4V)

Size: 62*124*27 mm

Protection: Reverse polarity protection

Low voltage disconnect: 1.8V



HA02 battery equalizer is used for the batteries which are connected in series to keep the voltage of batteries are equal


when the batteries are charging or discharging.When the batteries work in series connection, the batteries voltage maybe will be not same due to the difference of each cell chemical composition and temperature.And each battery's

self discharge rate also different.So even the batteries not work, their voltage of series batteries wil be also df ferent.

These differences will cause battery lost balance, this means maybe one battery is overloaded and the other is

insufficiently charged.The voltage difference wil be increased with the battery repeated charge-discharge process.This

wil result in premature failure of the batteries

HA02 battery equalizer is energy transfer type equalizer, it can compensate for batteries with two sides.The equalizer

starts to work when there are 10mV between two batteries.The current will flow from a higher voltage to low voltage, eventually reach equilibrium.It can connect with battery system with 24 hours, to keep the system energy balance automatically, no need manual maintenance.



Connect it as the following order:

1.Red cable connect positive/+pole.Black cable connect negative/-pole

2.Connect the batteries as the pictures.

3.You can connect all+pole frst ly, and then-pole to avoid short circuits

Note:1.If there are extra cables, please leave the tubes of the terminals on it to avoid short circuits.2.Please avoid any of the 8 terminals touching eachother.

Battery equalizer can be used for 24V, 36V, 48V and any other N*12V battery system.
1 piece for 24V system;
2 pieces for 36V system;
3 pieces for 48V system;


Please connect the battery equalizer to battery as follows:



3.White cable:Battery B negative pole or Battery A positive pole

(The pole which connected Battery A and Battery Bin series



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