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9V 12V 18V 24V 48V DC Motor Controller PWM Speed DC9V-60V 20A 1200W

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9V 12V 18V 24V 48V DC Motor Controller PWM Speed DC9V-60V 20A 1200W Regulator Pause Start Reversed CW CCW Switch Governor

DIY Supplies: Woodworking

Origin: Mainland China

Product parameter
Input voltage: DC 9V-60V
 Output voltage: linear under load
Output current: 0-20A (with a long-term use of 10A, pay attention to keeping the module unobstructed and cooling conditions)
Ultimate power: 1200W
Speed regulation type: PWM regulation
 Speed regulation method: potentiometer (linear)
Speed adjustment range: 0-100%
 Control frequency: 25KHZ
Forward and reverse: support
Module size: 92MM*52MM*36MM
Product net weight: 155 grams
Installation size: The center distance of the fixed hole on the back is 104MM
Potentiometer according to the installation opening: 7MM
 Special reminder:
Connect the DC motor speed controller to the DC power supply,
Never directly connect to household 220V AC,
Otherwise the damage is at your own risk!
Note that this is not a power module, it must be connected to the motor to adjust the speed, and the output of the multimeter will not change without the motor.
The motor can be connected regardless of positive or negative. When the running direction is inconsistent with the expectation, the direction can be changed by adjusting the line sequence.
Please note:
1. This speed governor is used for DC brushed motors.
2. It is not suitable for the speed regulation of brushless DC motors; nor can it be used as a voltage regulator or regulator!

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