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30W DC Permanent Magnet Motor 12V 24V 1800RPM High Speed Forward Reverse PWM Adjustable Speed Motor For Automated Control Engine

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30W DC Permanent Magnet Motor 12V 24V 1800RPM High Speed Forward Reverse PWM Adjustable Speed Motor For Automated Control Engine

Brand Name: HYSMOTOR

Certification: CCC

Certification: ROHS

Origin: Mainland China

Continuous Current(A): 3.5A

Output Power: 30w

Commutation: Brush

Type: Micro Motor

Protect Feature: Drip-proof

Construction: Permanent Magnet

Usage: BoAt

Usage: car

Usage: Electric Bicycle

Usage: Fan

Usage: Home Appliance

Efficiency: IE 1

Model Number: 3D30GN-cc High Speed Motor

PWM DC mtoor: Can adjustable Speed

Metal Motor: can Forward Reverse CW CCW


The following is the picture of the motor

The size is for reference only the measurement will be slightly different,please pay attention before buying

The following is a description of the quality materials and structures of this motor.

1. Imported high-quality double ball bearing increases the load force of the motor and reduces friction. The seal of this bearing is strong and the lubricating oil is prevented from flowing out.

2. The inner part of the motor is made of pure copper coil. It is more conductive, resistant to temperature and prolongs the life of the motor.

3. Use high quality magnet, complete and does not change the magnetic field, so that the performance of the motor is better, and the rotor does not get stuck

The following is the parameter table of the motor

Friendly reminder

Your project load should not exceed rated torque of the motor, otherwise the life of the motor will be reduced

Introduction of the motor

1. Name of the motor: 3D30GN-CC DC 12v 24v Micro Permanent Magnet High Speed Motor

2. Rated voltage have : DC 12V And DC 24V

3. You can choose the no load speed have : 12v 1800rpm or 24v 1800rpm

Note 1 : The speed plus and minus 10% fluctuation

Note 2 : The frequency is different, the output speed is slightly different

4. Power :30W

5. Direction of rotation of the motor: CW Or CCW, Support Reversed; The direction of rotation of the motor can be controlled by a speed controller

6. The shaft shape of the motor : D type, please refer to the size chart below for all dimensions of the motor.

7. The speed of the motor can be adjusted using the speed controller.

8. Low noise

9. This motor is suitable for a variety of micro-automation equipment. As long as you confirm that the motor voltage and torque of your choice are suitable for the voltage and load of your project before purchase, there is no limit to the scope of use of this motor.
For example, Production line ; Automatic washing machine ; Household appliances ; Smart device etc.

Care Instructions

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