What is the ELCB symbol on a water heater?

What is the ELCB symbol on a water heater?

Water heaters are indispensable in every family bathroom, helping you and your loved ones always have hot water to use. With the current hot and cold products, the integration of ELCB is extremely necessary to ensure safety. So what is ELCB? Please refer to the article below to better understand.

Concept of ELCB

ELCB is an acronym for Earth leakage circuit breaker, which is a device placed inside a water heater, commonly referred to as ELCB electric leakage breaker. This circuit breaker has the function of disconnecting the device from the circuit whenever an electrical leak occurs through the human body when touching the electrical parts of the device.

ELCB is to limit the incident of electric shock inside the machine, disconnecting the power when there is a problem, ensuring safety for human life as well as fire and explosion prevention.


How many types of ELCB?

ELCB is often used in both civil and industrial applications.

For the domestic electricity system, the installation problem is not difficult, but in industry, the anti-shock for workers and the prevention of electrical leakage for electrical equipment with large capacity requires a bridge. Automatic anti-shock, high-power leakage protection, and often has a much higher price.

Advantages of ELCB anti-shock device on water heater

Water heater with ELCB function helps consumers to be safe and convenient when using.

With anti-shock device (ELCB), the main purpose is to limit the incident of electric shock inside the machine, disconnect the power when the incident, ensure safety for human life as well as fire and explosion prevention, bring a fight Live safer.

How to check ELCB / ELB electric shock protection via two Test buttons (check) & Reset (restart): After installation, turn on the ELCB / ELB function, then press the Test button, then press Reset and let the test machine work. If after 5 - 8 seconds, the water in the drain hose heats up, meaning the anti-shock unit is still working properly.

elcb in the water heater

If the device is disconnected, the ELCB warns that the power you are using is unsafe, should check immediately and do not turn on the device for further use.

Note when using a hot water heater for safety:

Turning on the hot and cold bottle regularly and continuously causes electricity loss and creates a mechanical guy broken due to overloading. Only turn on the heater before bathing for 10-15 minutes.

Besides, you should regularly check by using an electric pen to enter the water pipe or directly into the water. If electricity is detected, disconnect the electricity and check the whole heater again to fix the error. You should regularly maintain and maintain the heater, iron, electric oven, electric kettle, electric cooker . all in the group of household electrical appliances that can cause high leakage and fire.

Hopefully with this article, you will understand more about ELCB mode on hot water. Safety is the first criterion for users, you should buy the type of water heater integrated ELCB mode.

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